Resistance to the food and the tea meditations

tea meditation – I found a resistance to doing this. The mundaneness of it was hard for me to overcome. But we did this yesterday, nothing more to learn here!!

but, once again, Sharon’s wisdom and experience helped me into learning something new.

Sharon won me over right from the start. Right from the looking at my tea mug.  A snowman mug.  The mug gets narrower then tapers out.  The lip is smooth, with an outward tilt.

oh, yes, this is why I don’t use a regular coffee cup, I like the gentleness of a tea mug.

As I sipped tea today, the comfort was not out in front, it was more a settling into the comfort, less my willing myself to be comforted, more my body saying  “Ahhh” quietly, like a secret.  Such a quiet pleasure.

May all beings be happy ♡