We have a few hundred participants from the 2019 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts are an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.


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  • February 28 Continuing practice by

    When I began today’s meditation I was going over the entire month in my mind, remembering how much I enjoyed telling my friends and coworkers that I had a meditation practice and how much I enjoyed it. I was just Read More

  • February 28 Day 28: The End of a Challenge. The Beginning of a Practice by

    This may have been my second Real Happiness challenge completed, but it’s my first one that I’ve blogged about. I think that writing about the daily guided meditations helped me analyze what works best for me, which will in turn Read More

  • February 28 Day 28 turned into a rest day here by

    My roommate – who is terrified of meditation – was with me as I started today’s audio.  She ended up saying, “oooo, this is nice”. And she sat down and a minute later was asleep. It was neat to see Read More

  • February 28 It’s Our Twentieth Wedding Anniversary Today by

    So this is a monumental day in many more ways than one. It’s also the closing day of the challenge, a chance to reflect on whatever progress I have made despite not keeping up daily with the challenge. I feel Read More

  • February 28 So much to gain by

    Sharon’s last thoughts to us this month are helpful ways to stick to a daily practice. Dedicate 10 minutes a day, maybe five. Thirty seconds right before bed.  So, what IS stopping me from a daily practice? That will be Read More

  • February 28 What do I really want from my next phase of practice? by

    What do I really want from my next phase of practice? These 28 days have been such a wonderful grounding force running through my days. Perhaps the simplest thing would be to do the 28 days all over again.  Then Read More

  • February 28 Wonderful talk. Thank you, Sharon. by

    The last meditation was a terrific finale to the month. Tied everything together in a coherent, inspirational worldview. I hope you are doing well, Sharon. Thanks for this. – Ron  

  • February 28 Balance and staying focused during mediation by

    I found the Day 6 lesson interesting as it looked at the balance between focus and being in a relaxed state while meditating, and also mentions that we can apply this same balance to work, relationships, etc. During this meditation Read More

  • February 28 Thank You by

    I fell asleep.  During the last day of the challenge and practice I fell asleep. I had grand plans for listening to the last recording on the beach at sunset with my spouse who was also completing the challenge.  We Read More

  • February 28 #RealHappinessChallenge Day 28 by

    I can’t believe it’s here – the final day.  First, thank you to @SharonSalzberg for an amazing 28 days and the incredible opportunity to blog during this challenge.  Today’s lesson focused on our interconnectedness with all living things as well Read More

  • February 28 Day 28 • Interconnectedness Meditation by

    Congratulations on completing a month of daily meditation! Make sure to celebrate this accomplishment! I have found great value in many of the exercises, an even more value in sharing insights each day. Sharon’s Real Happiness lessons and guided meditations Read More

  • February 28 Thanks for a great month of meditation by

    I really enjoyed this month and knowing others around the world were also participating was very special.  For where I am on my path, the last weeks focus was particularly helpful.  Best to you all as we all go forward.

  • February 27 #RealHappinessChallenge Day 27 by

    It’s the next to the last day of the challenge.  Today’s lesson focuses on compassion and how we can reframe our difficult emotions from bad or wrong to painful or suffering.  The next step after the reframing is focusing on Read More

  • February 27 Lovingkindness for my child by

    May you be well (mentally, physically, and mentally), may you be happy and spread happiness, may you be at peace and peaceful, may you be loved and loving. #Commit2sit #RealHappinessChallenge  

  • February 27 Day 27: Meditation on Compassion by

    When interacting with people I don’t see eye-to-eye with, I’ve always tried to remind myself that we never know what others are going through at any given moment. Today’s lovingkindness meditation reminded me of that, reminded me to look at Read More

  • February 27 States of Being by

      I recently bought a mood ring for our nine year old nephew.  I tried a lot of the rings on while deciding which one to buy.  I slipped each one on and waited for the verdict.  All of them Read More

  • February 27 Day 27 • Meditation on Compassion by

    I love, love, love today’s meditation exercise! Over the past decade, there have been several very difficult, oppressive people who (at the time) had stood in the way of goals I had set for myself. Encounters with them would trigger Read More

  • February 27 Compassion – Day 27 by

    This is a nice one.  It feels like it evens something out in life that I did not know needed smoothing. This somehow makes things a lot less scary – it makes things feel more like “here is what I Read More

  • February 27 This is a big one by

    It is as though I have small nails or thorns embedded in my core. Small resentments that have been lodged there, some for a very long time, and some more recent.  Bringing compassion around them makes it possible for them to Read More

  • February 26 #RealHappinessChallenge Day 26 by

    This lesson helps us to ‘connect to the boundlessness of life’ through loving kindness meditation.  @SharonSalzberg brings us towards caring for and connecting with everyone.  “Lovingkindness is a profound recognition that our lives have something to do with one another, Read More