We have a few hundred participants from the 2019 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts are an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.


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  • February 26 Welcome Back by

    One of the sweetest parts of this month has been Sharon’s opening timbre of Welcome Back.  A continuum, the middle of a play, another verse. Each day has felt like another run on a no-fault, no foul  playground. It’s been Read More

  • February 26 Day 26: Lovingkindness Toward All Beings by

    I hope all beings everywhere felt some lovingkindness today because I was spreading the love all day. I could also feel the same well wishes in return. I just know everyone participating in this challenge helped to make the world Read More

  • February 26 one by

    Life is full of hard edges.  I am trying to look at the world with softer eyes.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.  Learning to hold both is kindness. I have this quote from Gahndi on my refrigerator: Read More

  • February 26 Day 26 • Lovingkindness Toward All Beings by

    Perceive, interpret, evaluate, label, classify, categorize, rank. Then decide: Seek, avoid. Mine, not mine. Include, dismiss. Love, hate. Our brains and bodies evolved to perform these behaviors almost reflexively. Even single celled organisms demonstrate basic preference/aversion behavior. At a very Read More

  • February 26 Do I have that power? by

    Do I have that power? I am wishing all beings who live mostly in pain, wishing them safety and ease. I am thinking of the homeless people around me, and the people I never meet but I hear about  on Read More

  • February 26 Generating some serious goodness by

    Day 26 – lovingkindness to all beings. I find the need to put a phrase in front of these phrases for them to ring true. for example ”everyone wishes to be healthy, so may all people find health and wholeness Read More

  • February 25 #RealHappinessChallenge Day 25 LovingKindness towards others by

    Today’s lesson focuses on the concepts of lovingkindness, and having that energy focused on others.  What I found interesting and helpful was the notion that 2 of the most important things to remember is the ‘power of intention’ and that Read More

  • February 25 Lovingkindness towards others – Day 25 by

    I took this on the road with me today. I wrote the lines on a card to read on the train. And… I ended getting into a conversation with someone about meditation and Buddhasism. It was unreal that it came Read More

  • February 25 Day 25: Lovingkindness Toward Others by

    Today’s lovingkindness meditation focused on other people: someone who has shown me kindness, a friend whose life is going well, a friend who is struggling, someone who is mildly difficult and someone who has been very difficult. I truly believe Read More

  • February 25 Our cat by

    During the last part of the meditation I came to think about our cat. I feel so terribly guilty about having found a new home for her at this stage of her life. She is getting older. She had started Read More

  • February 25 Day 25 • Lovingkindness Toward Others by

    It is easy to love someone when they are loveable. As Whole-Life Leaders, the far greater opportunity for us is to learn to genuinely value and appreciate those who are, at times, unloveable. Every relationship has the capacity to show Read More

  • February 25 Holding Kindness by

    I feel both light and full after practicing the loving kindness practices from yesterday and today.  Like a sponge, feelings of love and kindness fill my pores.  I ring out the excess.  I feel just enough remain for the work Read More

  • February 24 #RealHappinessChallenge Day 24 LovingKindness by

    “You can imagine yourself sitting in the center of a circle, the circle being made up of the most loving beings you’ve met” says @SharonSalzberg in this lesson.  Picturing yourself in the center of a circle of people who are Read More

  • February 24 Opening to Joy – Day 24 by

    I already can see, just two practices in, this making a difference. It feels like my insides are rearranging themselves. At a school fundraiser last night, I was offering lovingkindness to people, silently, allowing me to more easily have random Read More

  • February 24 This is the truth I want to open myself to and be part of by

    Today’s meditation is so beautiful. Conjuring the circle of love. Experiencing the love seeping in and flowing in.  Experiencing the love flowing out. It is like this is my true home and my altar. So intimately close at hand at Read More

  • February 24 Day 24: Metta and the Ability to Embrace All Parts of Ourselves by

    As frequently as I practice metta meditations, I rarely remember to begin with myself. I wish other people happiness, peace, health and safety, but I don’t wish them upon myself enough. Today’s lovingkindness meditation — imagining myself sitting in the Read More

  • February 24 Day 24 • Opening the Heart by

    “The moment that we recognize we’ve been distracted is like the magic moment in the practice. Because this is the time we have the chance to be really different.” Sharon Salzberg It is important to recognize that what we do Read More

  • February 23 Truth by

    I want to be happy.      

  • February 23 Really quite moving to be out there with these loving kindness wishes by

    The day is so beautiful, sunny and above freezing in February Montreal. I was surprised at walking out to the market with loving kindness on my mind and in my heart how moved I was. Pretty much to tears. To Read More

  • February 23 “Explode with life…” by

    Lovingkindness meditation is a source of peace for my mind. As a worrier, I find using this meditation can shift me to accept my angst. This tool has empowered me as a daughter, mother, wife and friend. In these moments Read More

May all beings be happy ♡