We have a few hundred participants from the 2019 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts are an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.


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  • February 23 Walking meditation vs at-home self-care day by

    Today is the first day this week I get to be at home in the morning. But the meditation says to go outside and practice sending good wishes to people. I shall send myself compassion — I want to get Read More

  • February 23 #RealHappinessChallenge Day 23 by

    I’m getting more comfortable with walking meditations.  I was initially not real thrilled with the idea of a walking meditation today.  At times, when I’ve done them before, I get distracted with my balance, what’s going on around me, etc.  Read More

  • February 23 Day 23: Walking with Lovingkindness by

    My walking meditation today was in the rain, and unfortunately I couldn’t aim lovingkindness at others passing by because no one else was walking in the rain. But as I wished myself happiness and peace, other people who have been Read More

  • February 23 Day 23 • Walking Lovingkindness by

    Unhealthy conditioned thought patterns interfere with our ability to experience and express unconditional goodwill. Today’s meditation practice creates an opportunity for us to consciously evolve unhealthy conditioned thought patterns into healthier ones. “When another person makes you suffer, it is Read More

  • February 22 Day 21 – Changing Emotions by

    This was a helpful day to practice relaxing with feelings. It was interesting to consider the different aspects of a feeling such as anger.   It’s great to be 3 weeks into a meditation practice! I am finding myself more Read More

  • February 22 #RealHappinessChallenge Day 22 by

    The final week of the challenge is here and we start with #LovingKindness.  I have to admit, I had a hard time thinking of something good I did yesterday.  I know I did things – it was a very busy Read More

  • February 22 Noticing tiny flashes, old habits of judgement by

    Noticing tiny flashes, old habits of judgement. Yesterday I particularly noticed a tiny little flash across my consciousness, a little trace of Awareness. This was my reflex reaction to thinking of a woman I know.  What flashed across was the Read More

  • February 22 Day 22: Lovingkindness and Seeing the Good by

    Today’s meditation kicked off the final week of the challenge that focuses on lovingkindness. I have always enjoyed lovingkindness meditations, both for myself and for other people. Thinking about something good I did yesterday was the perfect way to get Read More

  • February 22 Increasing happiness can be easier than lessening negativeness by

    I forget over and over how well this works. I was in a Low Mood yesterday. So I went to a movie after work and then dinner with the roommate and I was fine. Even if I don’t like a Read More

  • February 22 by

    Congratulations on completing three weeks of mindfulness meditation practice! This has been a healing, insightful month for me, and I am so grateful to be sharing this experience with you! On day one, I asked why this meditation challenge feels Read More

  • February 22 Day 22 by

    Week 4 and starting the beautiful metta meditation. Meditation focus on loving kindness always makes me a bit emotional and even more so today, after getting sad news about Sharon yesterday. Sending love and kindness and well wishes to Sharon.

  • February 21 The Pain Of Love, Please Be Well Sharon by

    I was shocked by the email this morning saying Sharon had a medical emergency and had been hospitalized. I’ve been crying all day. Feeling selfish that in the midst of Sharon’s health struggles all I can think of is how Read More

  • February 21 Exhausted by

    Very challenging passages these days, feeling terrible! For sure I have been able to alleviate at least some of my suffering by stepping back to observe. Or catching myself as I skip into self indulgence.

  • February 21 Compassion and Seeing the largest picture by

    I’m surprised that through meditation practice I’m beginning to see the largest picture of things happening around me. It reminds me of the teaching this month, “Mindfulness helps us get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening & the Read More

  • February 21 Day 21 – gently integrating the emotions by

    This felt like a comfortable way to integrate what Sharon taught this week. A way to bring hope to the emotions that come up.  Not my favorite work to do, but it feels do-able and important for growth. Much love Read More

  • February 21 Day 21: Landscape of Experience by

    I feel like today was the first time during this third week of the challenge that I was fully in the meditation for the entire duration. My mind wasn’t wandering as much, and when it did baby step away from Read More

  • February 21 Gray Silence by

    Behind the clouds the Super Snow Moon is setting in the west and the Sun is rising in the east. In this gray silence I send thoughts of healing and loving kindness to a great teacher, feeling the connection with Read More

  • February 21 Day 21 • Landscape of Experience Meditation by

    Before we jump in, let us take a mindful moment to send deep healing thoughts to Sharon as she recovers from her health emergency. This program she and her team have put together is top quality, and the fact that Read More

  • February 21 Settle Back: On Changing Emotions and Metta for Sharon by

    “Settle back,” Sharon says. Settling back into the body, the breath — a window opens, letting in light and fresh air. By experiencing emotional and psychological states in my body, I can let my stories go temporarily, as advised in Read More

  • February 21 Coffee Grinder Tears by

    I feel powerful. Turning toward all the feelings this week has been an unexpected gift in this season of my life. But like any renewing practice it has also meant some uncomfortable moments in the stretching and growing.  Like when Read More

May all beings be happy ♡