We will have a few hundred participants from the 2020 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts will be an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.

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  • February 2 Ear Muffs and a Grandfather’s Clock by

    What a shock it was when I turned off the Super Bowl to come to sit.  I felt like I had ear muffs on. It was so quiet. I could only hear the little ticks and clicks of the house. Read More

  • February 2 Thoughts on Day Two by

    My relation to sounds has changed quite a bit over the time I’ve spent learning to meditate (and still am). After a couple of years of practice, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t “have to” tell myself a Read More

  • February 2 2nd Day Meditation by

    I really liked today’s meditation, as it seem like a huge burden and relief was lifted. For the 1st time instead of trying to quiet the mind and being totally jarred if confronted by outside noises beyond my control, now Read More

  • February 2 Day Two by

    I found that there was a difference between ‘reaching with my ears’ to fins sounds, and letting the sounds come to me. But the awareness of sounds, when I wasn’t making effort, still seemed to occur in the place where Read More

  • February 2 What is that sound? by

    When a sound enters my awareness, I work to disassociate the sound from the noun that it represents. I notice my “need” to identify the sound, breath and let the sound flow.  I often get caught up with identifying sounds, Read More

  • February 2 Motivated by

    I feel great after day two. Time flies and I want more. It’s wonderful to just be still for a few minutes.

  • February 2 2-Hearing Meditation by

    Although it went by quickly, I felt more relaxed in this session than when I was trying to focus solely on my breath. Here are the sounds I noticed: the TV in the background, my cat’s meows, the furnace, the Read More

  • February 2 Welcome, sound by

    I live in an apartment building, close to the lobby. About a year ago they refurbished the lobby, using a lot more hard, live surfaces, and made the space much friendlier. My neighbors now congregate in that space, and the Read More

  • February 2 Soundscape comes alive by

    I spend about 40 minutes a day biking through the city. I often use the time to listen to podcasts, space out, or get annoyed at cars and pedestrians blocking the bike lane. Today, after Sharon’s morning meditation on anchoring Read More

  • February 2 Do you hear what I hear? by

    I managed to squeeze today’s meditation in before dinner tonight. As I closed my eyes, the only sounds I could hear was my sister listening to Food Network as she cooked dinner. I don’t feel that this was my best Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 – Hearing Meditation by

    “We don’t meditate to get better at meditating, we meditate to get better at life.” I love that this quote is attached to the “Hearing Meditation.” I absolutely cannot abide white noise.  I blame this aversion on the fact that I Read More

  • February 2 Stepping Away, Hearing More by

    I sneak upstairs and retreat for a few minutes of meditation. Yesterday I chased my breath – the cool intake lost as it disappears again and again in the hot cauldron of my belly. Every cool breath burns up and Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 – just in time by

    I felt I over shared in my 1st blog post, thought about editing it, then decided to let it be. I had mentioned a relationship, which in the early hours of today, 02/02/2020, ended. I did the day 2 meditation Read More

  • February 2 Sounds good to me. by

    Since the first time I heard Sharon introduce a meditation with sound I have used it as an entry to my meditation. I am lucky to be outside of a city and I hear the birds and the cicadas, yes Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 – Protecting my inner child by

    I can see how this whole meditation challenge is another way for me to try to be a “good girl”. I remember as a child wanting to leave this life. I just remember telling my mum: “There’s been a mistake. Read More

  • February 2 Difficult at night! by

    I got to the meditation by the end of a very long work day, and it was super quiet around me. The meditation was very difficult to do! Im used to doing this meditation where there are many sounds around Read More

  • February 2 Permission to listen by

    Just stopping for a moment, for one mindful breath, is a win.  Giving ourselves permission to listen and turn off the auto pilot can sometimes be the most difficult part of our day.  We often tell ourselves we are too Read More

  • February 2 Day 2: sounds by

    I thought I’d do the meditations with earbuds in…that keeps the family from bothering me; I couldn’t do it with this one where we were to focus on sounds.  Is it wrong to use earbuds?  I liked this one as Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 Hearing Meditation 2020 by

    Another great meditation to practice focus and concentration is the hearing meditation.  I find that as a highly dis-tractable person, the hearing meditation lends itself well to the curious mind.  It’s a great exercise to just listen to sound and Read More

  • February 2 Sounds by

    I listened to today’s meditation while standing. I love that the guidance Sharon gives is so down-to-earth and allows plenty of room for variables in people’s lives. Plenty of space to just settle down (or not!) and do the best Read More

May all beings be happy ♡