We will have a few hundred participants from the 2020 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts will be an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.

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  • February 2 are insights thoughts, and what does insight feel like? by

    I begin this post laughing and feeling the laugh wholeheartedly, as earlier today I completed an abdominal workout. After working out, I listened to parts of Sharon’s most recent Metta Hour Podcast (which has a theme of the art of Read More

  • February 2 Day 2: Sitting with Sounds by

    For me todays meditation allowed me to get back into a practice that I have been wanting to commit to for a while. I have tried meditation and do gain insights from this time but also find it hard to Read More

  • February 2 Accept distraction by

    When the mind is at ease, according to Sharon, our hearts are open and calm and we can more naturally concentrate. But how do I get there when sounds, images and questions hover too close, threatening to overthrow my practice? Read More

  • February 2 Sound meditation by

    I used to have a long commute on the train, now I have a short drive to work. Oh, where was this meditation then? 😉 I am remembering reading about this in Real Happiness, and later being at a coffeehouse where Read More

  • February 2 Day 1 and 2 by

    I am a first time participant and blogger. I am in a bit of a life crisis. I have been just getting through life. No real passion and mostly numb. I have an amazing life by most standards. A great Read More

  • February 2 The Great Experiment – Stick with it, Go Slowly and Be Gentle with Yourself by

    I am so excited to join this meditation challenge once again.  I first participated in this challenge as a blogger and relatively new meditator in 2012!  I can honestly tell you that this practice has changed my life. So, if Read More

  • February 2 Hearing Meditation (Day 2) – Concentration (Week 1) by

    Growing up in western schools, we’re taught that listening carefully is a key to success.  This is how you gather information, comprehend directions & learn what is expected of you. This conditioning, along with Week 1’s theme of “Concentration”, was Read More

  • February 2 From sound to silence by

    To hear sounds there is needed a sound organ and a hearing consciousness. There is spaciousness within that lets the sounds arise, be and subside. I am that. You are that. We are that. Om Katyayani Namaha Aham Brahmasmi I Read More

  • February 2 Intention for new challenge in 2020 by

    It’s been a few years since I wanted to complete the whole challenge but each year, I dropped off pretty quickly. In addition, I enjoyed reading blog entries of other participants but it seemed to be such a distant dream Read More

  • February 2 Day 2: better at life by

    Glad to participate in Sharon’s meditation challenge again this year.  The daily inspiration, “We don’t meditate to get better at meditating we meditate to get better at life” resonated with me this morning.  Meditation helps us “get better at life” Read More

  • February 2 Breath…Sound…Breath by

    I find having access to both breath and sound as objects of meditation to be very useful. I can get caught up in the breath and when this happens I try to be more spacious and open to the sounds Read More

  • February 2 Day 2: More sound, more time by

    Using sound as an “anchor” for awareness of the present moment during meditation is one of my favorite practices. This is my 3rd year participating in the Real Happiness event. These recordings are almost like “old friends.” And like old Read More

  • February 2 PTSD by

    Have been using sound meditation for the last few weeks in an attempt to sooth some of my PTSD that’s been moderately reactivated. Sometimes I feel like I make progress; other times, not so much. It helps to focus more Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 Sending Out My Ears by

    Today’s meditation was hilarious.  Sharon told me I didn’t have to send out my ears, looking for sounds, but that’s what I did.  She said I didn’t have to try and control the sounds or name them, but that’s what Read More

  • February 2 Day 2: A New Perspective on Sound by

    Ah, New York City. I am getting to know you more and more each day, yet I still have the lingering expectation that I might happen to experience a moment of true silence with you. And instead of embracing the Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 – Audible presence by

    I’m new to this meditation series and to guided meditations in general. A close friend told me about Susan Salzberg’s work about 6 months ago I found it to be both helpful and inspiring. Day one was so simple, so Read More

  • February 2 Pump Up The Jam by

    Funny that the theme today was about sound. There was a loud jackhammer going off through my entire meditation. As someone who is prone to chronic irritability, this meditation was perfectly timed. I listened to the jackhammer and rather than Read More

  • February 2 Nature Sounds by

    I did the Sharon Salzberg meditation challenge a few years ago. It was nice – I was just starting to get into meditation. I had no idea how powerful it could be and I continue a meditation practice. It is Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 – I’ll keep it real by

    So, Day 1 went beautifully, but I wasted the rest of the day. Today, I start with a lot of anxiety over the things I should have done. The 5 minutes of just listening felt so good, but the anxiety Read More

  • February 2 Sounds like… by

    So, I’m sitting on my cushion this morning. Straight back, legs folded one over the other, arms resting gently on knees. Index finger and thumb touching. The door to my room is closed. The aroma of my early morning coffee Read More

May all beings be happy ♡