We will have a few hundred participants from the 2020 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts will be an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.

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  • February 2 In and out by

    Today’s meditation was very quick to me. I always love it when I manage to get to my cushion right after my morning yoga practice. I enjoy these breathing practices because I feel like I can get in to a Read More

  • February 2 Back to Work by

    I did the Sharon Salzberg meditation challenge a few years ago. It was nice – I was just starting to get into meditation. I had no idea how powerful it could be and I continue a meditation practice. It is Read More

  • February 2 Great to be with you Sharon by

    2020 will mark the 13th year I have been meditating.  I am a Vipassana “old student” (been to a 10-day silent retreat) meditator.  The reason for signing up for the 28-day challenge is Sharon and to hone the meditation skills.  Read More

  • February 2 Wave by

    Mental noting is an anchor for my practice. Today I am reminded of the power of words. Wave is my word, it feels neutral, not  a negative or positive distraction. Wave helps me to connect my body and mind to Read More

  • February 2 Still here. by

    I’m overthinking this post. I want what I say to be true, so I’ve scoured through posts seeing what others have said. I’ve attempted to complete this month’s challenge several times in the past. Life happens, laziness happens, and poof Read More

  • February 1 A new beginning. by

    This is my first time blogging. I am excited. It has been a while since I have meditate and I am looking forward to start. A friend introduce me to this blog. I thank her for that.

  • February 1 Day 1 by

    This is my third year and I have to say I have dropped out pretty quickly the first two times. This year, just like the last two, I vowed to really do it–to put aside 15 minutes or so each Read More

  • February 1 Day One – Where we begin? by

    I’m relatively new to Mindfulness Meditation.  A good friend of mine several months ago sent me a copy of Sharon’s book and said that I would really be amazed at how good you feel as you learn and grow with Read More

  • February 1 Day 1 observations by

    Sitting and noticing the breath. Feeling the familiar energy flow. One breath follows another. Then my alter ego, the black cat, decides that he needs attention, now. Rubbing, purring, gumming (he doesn’t have many teeth left). A distraction? Yes, and Read More

  • February 1 Day 1 by

    Hi everyone and thanks Sharon for this opportunity, actually I have your book and I do meditate every day, some of them with my twins that are 7 years old and one of them have Down Syndrome. We meditate time Read More

  • February 1 Beginner’s mind by

    Opening the first email for this month was like opening a Christmas present! I am so excited to start! I have made a commitment to set aside prior meditation experience to listen with fresh ears, and practice with an open Read More

  • February 1 Beginning Again by

    There is something so comforting and inviting about Sharon’s voice. She makes meditating easy for me. So easeful, effortless, if I mess up – I can begin again. No worries – no judgment – no pressure. The line that resonated Read More

  • February 1 … and when you’re ready by

    I have loved hearing that phrase in previous guided meditations from Sharon. At the end of the session, Sharon says, “And when you’re ready, open your eyes…” I never really feel like opening my eyes, but this year I hope Read More

  • February 1 Beginning again with the breath by

    Day 1 reminds me of the portability and availability of my breath today, and the reminder that I can always begin again.  Beginnings are often hopeful, but can be hard for my inner perfectionist – and this breath meditation with Read More

  • February 1 Hello all by

    During the last challenge, I posted once about sound meditation. During the past year, I have become more consistent about journaling on a daily basis. I’ll add some reflections inspired by this year’s challenge on this blog during the next Read More

  • February 1 There’s my friend – by

    I don’t know how people get through life without meditation.  I say this often because I know it has saved me, saved me from psychic pain that will inevitably spill out onto the world around me as well as chew Read More

  • February 1 happy to join you all:) by

    Though, I’m tempted to think I’m  “behind” already,  I know all that matters is to show up and  begin.

  • February 1 The Magnifying Glass by

    The breath is honest. As I ride with it I feel so many varied shapes, flavours and sizes arising and passing. So this is the expansive life that is whizzing by me so fast that I am missing it. How Read More

  • February 1 Diving past national and religious identity by

    The intellect is good at slicing. What is important though is what one draws his identity from. Getting past ethnic, cultural and religious identity is to be coupled with forgiveness. I forgave my countrymen, my family, my ex-wife and myself Read More

  • February 1 1st of February: St. Brigid’s Day by

      The Funeral: First of February, I wake up to a bright and fresh morning in Dublin. Today is St. Brigid’s day, Imbolc, the beginning of Spring, and I think of her often throughout the day. I think of Spring, Read More

May all beings be happy ♡