We will have a few hundred participants from the 2020 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts will be an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.

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  • February 2 Day 2: A Symphony I Can’t Conduct by

    When the object of focus is the breath, my mind often tries to seize control of the breath. A lot of the practice is taken up with gently reminding myself that the breath will begin and fall away just fine Read More

  • February 2 Breathe. by

    Just. Breathe. Inhaling peace, exhaling love. And again. with gratitude to Sharon Salzberg, and her team. Take care, sSs

  • February 2 The Width of The World by

    Swaddle me in the width of the world. Between the humming refrigerator, the snow-wet tires spinning, the dog sighing and geese bleating, I discover my belonging among them.

  • February 2 Time for myself by

    I have always been acutely aware are the passing of time and of the fact that I only have a limited amount of time. There are so many things I want to do but not enough time to do everything. Read More

  • February 2 Day 2- Sounds by

    Luckily for me I live across the street from a construction site. For the last year loud sounds have become the norm. So normal that I am actually use to the noise and hardly notice it. Today when I stepped Read More

  • February 2 The Breathing One Would Be Good for Me. by

    Day 1.  Commit.  8 minutes only.  Asana stretches.  Sit up straight.  Breath.  Get started.  Get interrupted.  It’s ok.  Son wakes up.  Joins me.  Son in my lap.  Listen together.  Close eyes.  Mind wonders.  Dreaming.  Back to the breath.  Repeat, repeat, Read More

  • February 2 Ground Hog Day by

    I feel myself gently sinking into a place of meditation. It’s the same lessons, much like the movie Ground Hogs Day, which I try to relearn. That is, to be kind to myself, not take myself seriously but at the Read More

  • February 2 grateful for the new understanding by

    I appreciate Sharon’s use of sound as a settling resource, a way to draw one into meditation.  I hadn’t ever heard of that use of arising and ceasing of sound.

  • February 2 continuing by

    I sit in meditation and I can let the world be the world. I try to, at least. Anyway, Im trying alongside with a large group, so we’re all struggling more or less. But the struggle is pleasant so far. Read More

  • February 2 Sleepy Leg Syndrome – Finding the right posture to sit by

    Getting comfortable for meditation is essential.  Otherwise, the body clamors for attention distracting you from the “sit.” I know. It happens every time for me if I try sitting on a cushion. So many yoga teachers have given me advice Read More

  • February 2 Sound Meditation. Birds & Trains. Day 2 by

    A great way to anchor presence in the body using the sense of sound.  Sound is often neutral in the sense that we don’t apply a lot of judgement around it.  We don’t take sound too personally either.  Funny to Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 by

    At the last second, I decided to join the blog. For the last few months, I have been gulping everything down: my coffee, my memories, my tasks, my breath. I need to slow down and learn to sip and savor. Read More

  • February 2 Repeating a phrase seems to help by

    I find It hard to sit still while staying with my breath. I tend to shift my upper body back and forth and my thoughts wander a lot. I focused on the word love on my in breath and the Read More

  • February 2 One Good Ear – Concentration Practice by

    Walking around the day with one ear clogged provides an interesting practice for the Hearing Meditation. This happens yearly and I have yet to figure out how to prevent it.  Sure enough, I can barely hear out of my right Read More

  • February 2 My Choice by

    I woke up earlier than I wanted to this morning, helped along by the sounds of ecstatic dog escaping to find me, children thumping down the stairs hollering for her to COME BACK. The TV was blaring, lights were on, Read More

  • February 2 Day One – Just Breathe (And Meditate) by

    I set up my meditation space, which is a beautiful cushion underneath my altar.  I sit with a long, straight spine, legs crossed, palms down on my knees.  I feel comfortable and safe.  I’m ready to press play on the Read More

  • February 2 Day 2-Sounds of Silence by

    I often try to meditate early in the morning. This morning I awoke to Sharon’s email having gone into my promotions folder. I feel happy to have found it. When I saw the topic was sound, I remembered that it’s Read More

  • February 2 Day 2 Sangha Insight LA by

    “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller Breathing through a transient thought telling me it’s not efficient to drive an hour to meditate for an hour, I tuned into Krishna Das chanting Read More

  • February 2 Day2 – Hearing by

    These days I find myself inundated with sound that I ended up trying not to listen to anything at all. There is the beep from locking your car, tv sounds from the screen that talks at you while pumping gas, Read More

  • February 2 Surf by

    This is my word which evokes a particular meaning during my meditation. I imagine my breath is like the waves of the ocean slowly coming ashore on the beach, this is the inhalation with the water slowing cresting along the Read More

May all beings be happy ♡