We will have a few hundred participants from the 2020 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts will be an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.

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  • January 31 Starting Fresh – Hey Friend! by

    Although I have meditated at times in the past I have never developed a consistent practice. So my focus during this lovely challenge for the month of February is to do just that. Hopefully I will be able to develop Read More

  • January 31 Present Moment Benefits & Program Goal by

    With much gratitude for this community and Sharon’s wonderful teaching, I am thinking about her goal statement: “Our goal is to develop a more spacious relationship to all of them [thoughts] so that we can choose which thoughts to act Read More

  • January 31 Looking forward to February :) by

    I have been pretty hit and miss with meditation/mindfulness practice. I feel so good when I do, but don’t always take the time each day. I am hopeful that this challenge will help me create a nice routine that I Read More

  • January 31 One by One by

    One by one I go. One day followed by another. One breath followed by another. One thought. One feeling.  And so on.  Before February begins I sit here in my home (as it snows outside my window) and I think, Read More

  • January 31 Breathing Is Not a Guarantee by

    I did the Sharon Salzberg meditation challenge a few years ago. It was nice – I was just starting to get into meditation. I had no idea how powerful it could be and I continue a meditation practice. It is Read More

  • January 31 Excited for another year by

    Hello all! I am so excited to be here for my third year of the Real Happiness Meditation Challenge. I honestly have such a difficult time continuing the journey after the month is over. My goal this year is, after Read More

  • January 31 Visiting My Breath’s House by

    Through Sharron’s guidance I discovered my breath was calmly inhaling and exhaling deep in my belly. I sat with that one breath and my mind came to visit… asking, Why don’t you breath into the lungs more, into the throat… Read More

  • January 31 Real Happiness – Day One by

    Hello, The Real Happiness Meditation Challenge could not have come at a better time. The year is off to a sobering start. Fires rage in Australia. Impeachment hearings bring daily shocks here in the U.S. The coronavirus outbreak in China Read More

  • January 31 I Am Breath by

    They say the only thing in life that is certain is death in taxes, but one other element I would like to add to this hilarious motto is breathing. Without our breath, death will follow. But it is quite common Read More

  • January 31 Grateful by

    I am grateful for this opportunity, in community, to slow down.  Going slower is is a necessary support for me in order to allow this daily practice unfold.  I “think” about meditating almost daily however doing it is another component. Read More

  • January 31 Space by

    My word for 2020 is space – making space, clearing space, finding space.  I’m hoping to learn more about meditation after completing a week long yoga retreat and meditating (or trying to) each morning.  And, I think it fits in Read More

  • January 31 Be still and be present by

    Greetings! My name is Seanna and I live on the westcoast of Canada.  I started adding meditation to my daily practice only a few years ago and I am not always consistent with it, which is why I signed up Read More

  • January 31 An honest look at what really happens when I practice everyday… by

    And so it begins…  Day One of my practice for the month of February.  To start on this journey, I simply arrive — fully as me.  And today, I’m tired, my brain is in a cloudy funk, and I really Read More

  • January 31 Just Breathe – Just Sit by

    Sitting in a circle with a group of 2nd graders, I invite them to, “Just Breathe.”  Teaching mindfulness to Elementary students for the last six years has strengthened my practice. Weekly, we gather in a circle, on the floor, anchoring Read More

  • January 31 Happiness Challenge Intro by

    Hello and nice to be in your company blogging during this meditation challenge. This is my first time participating in the challenge and I am also new to blogging. The Universe nudged me to do new things this year! So, Read More

  • January 31 Grateful for this challenge by

    Hi everyone. I’m in Santa Fe, NM and am a graduate student and Mom. I am excited for this challenge. I woke up this morning and was surprised to find an email from Sharon because I thought we were starting Read More

  • January 31 Just Sit by

    Just Sit. That is my goal for this challenge. To just sit and follow the meditations and see what happens. So often I find we (or at least I) get caught up in making progress, accomplishing a goal, that we Read More

  • January 31 Happy to be back! by

    I tried this challenge three years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I was almost through but towards the end I couldn’t sit anymore. Now, three years later, Im pregnant again (even the same due date!) So Read More

  • January 31 Looking Forward… by

    I am very much looking forward to making & keeping this commitment. I have become a listener & reader of Sharon over the past several months. Thomas

  • January 31 Intention by

    Hello all, My first time doing the challenge. I’m a novice meditator, with only a few years of regular practice after dabbling for many many years. I’m hoping to be a regular writer during this month. Bob

May all beings be happy ♡