We will have a few hundred participants from the 2020 Real Happiness Challenge writing about their experiences throughout the month on our blog. These posts will be an honest look at what really happens when we practice everyday.

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  • January 31 Week one of the 2020 Real Happiness Challenge by

    Welcome. I’m looking forward to our month of practice together. Even though the new year has barely begun, it feels as though many of us are feeling tired, increasingly stressed out, and over-burdened. This is a chance for us to Read More

  • January 31 Reflections on the breath by

    I set my intention by focusing on the breath. I noted the beginning, middle and end of the breath. I noted the whole body filled with the breath – beginning at the nares, tingling, moving the the head space, the Read More

  • January 31 Greetings, all by

    I am looking forward to practicing with this global, online community. I hope that, in practicing daily and connecting on the blog, I can better support myself and my family through a challenging health situation. I am finding that getting Read More

  • January 31 Gentle by

    Gentle is what I took away from this meditation.  Be gentle with yourself and your mind – keep returning to that soft breath. Thank you.

  • January 31 Day one by

    What a great way to start the day. Love the reminder that the breathe is portable!

  • January 31 2020 Mindful Meditation Challenge by

    I am from Jersey and love it. I am a woman, wife and mother. I enjoy my career. I have many joys in life – reading, writing, and collecting – all three of these change over time. I am sober Read More

  • January 31 Wait, What???? It’s February! by

    I cannot believe that it is, once again, the February challenge. I did not succeed at this challenge last year. My goals this year are the same. To live more intentionally, to develop a practice. I am really grateful for Read More

  • January 31 Setting the Intention. Joining a Community. by

    For the last couple of years, I’ve more or less had a consistent routine: wake up around 5:30am, meditate for 15 minutes, write in my journal, go to work. Repeat. Now, though: a new schedule. More flexibility. Softer waking times. Read More

  • January 31 Day1 – just one breath by

    I have such deep respect for Sharon Salzberg. She is already making my cobweb-infested mom brain function better in just one session! As I began today’s recording, I of course started thinking “what am I going to write about it Read More

  • January 31 Hello world of possibility by

    This is my second year doing the challenge, my first year blogging it. I don’t know what to expect, and yet I know I’ll have expectations. 😉 Let’s do this.

  • January 31 I commit to sit…or at least intend to! by

    So here I am again, at the beginning of another February committing to sit. This year I have a little one which makes this challenge and all of life a little more challenging. But I commit to sit. It’s just Read More

  • January 31 The First Step by

    I’m really excited and grateful to be a part of this experience. I’m new to blogging, but I am curious and open to what it will become, and I can’t wait to get started!

  • January 31 My Breath, My Guide Home by

    Thank you for day 1: concentration! I find viewing my breath as my friend allows me to settle into presence more easily. Sharon’s analogy of seeing your friend in the crowd, moving towards the friend without pushing aside those in Read More

  • January 31 Before We Begin by

    Hi everyone. I signed up to blog for two reasons: first, I am hoping it will make me more accountable. I signed up for the last two or three mediations, and they were valuable, but I also lacked consistency and Read More

  • January 31 Hi everybody by

    New to this  format but not to meditation…  just wanted to say hi. Thanks for  being a sangha. I  need to feel  others’  presence as I sit alone…. xx Todays sit , a bit drifty , But I felt so Read More

  • January 31 New Month, New Challenge by

    For the month of January, I completed the 10% Happier meditation challenge. That particular challenge worked well for me because the goal was to sit 15 days in the month— I appreciated the wiggle room for error and met that Read More

  • January 31 Wonderful to be here now – again. by

    This is like a family reunion with a family I feel though can not see. This family of heart and soul will share a whole month of loving insights through our meditation together.  It amazes me how  awareness of you Read More

  • January 31 Hello, fellow travelers by
  • January 31 Just One Breath by

    I am not unfamiliar with mediation and try to practice it daily. What I want to take away from this challenge is the structure, the tips, the deeper knowledge of being taught by an expert. Going back to my structure Read More

  • January 31 Hi There! by

    Hi there, I go by Nieszka. I’m so excited to commit to sitting every day in February with this community! Meditation can uncover all sorts of interesting things and I am ready to explore. My intention is to bring the Read More