Rising & Falling

After Sharon’s hearing meditation yesterday I went outside and sat by a river that flows below my house.

Be with whatever sounds arise. Don’t cling, don’t resist. Don’t judge. Just note.

The phoebe singing out her name. The distant rapids like a duet. And the chain saw hidden across the river. Now loud. Now silent. Trying to accept it all. Plane overhead. Big blue heron gliding soundlessly a foot above the water.

This, too. This here. No need to analyze. Just note.

And I felt a lifting, a lightness in that tiny slice of un-analyzed presence. Maybe it was the “vast sense of space,” as Sharon put it, with the sounds “rising and falling, rising an falling.”

I shall try today, as I head to a daylong meeting, to “simply note the sounds and let them wash through me, without interference, without judgment.” That’s a tall challenge for me in such a setting, but the spaciousness felt by the river is good training. I won’t seek it, but maybe it will come.


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May all beings be happy ♡