Sacred Space

Through the guidance of today’s meditation, I felt how very tired my inner critic is. S/he needs a good nap! So I sent her off to do so and wound up really grounding in this new space that I am in here in Monrovia, California. I have this beautiful Tibetan Buddha Rope incense from a magical place called The Alchemist’s Kitchen back in Manhattan. I often light it and walk away from it. Today I lit it and stayed with it watching it waft up and make the most wonderful shapes. When I’ve visited Bali I’ll often see women lighting incense in the morning, using their hands to guide the up to the sky as they pray. The belief/ritual is that the smoke carries our prayers up to the heavens.

It’s all really sacred space when we’re in the present – be it our homes, Bali, the supermarket, the meditation center, the line at the post office and so on.

Palms in silhouette.
An offering placed at dawn.
Smoke slips through her hand.

Happy Year of the Pig! Blessings, Victoria