Scrambled Eggs…Scrambled Mind

I am feeling a little puny this morning.  Teaching Mindfulness at an Elementary school has me around 550 kids daily.  My mantra to them is pass the hugs, not the bugs.  However, today….I am moving slowly.

Listening to Sharon’s Mindful Eating meditation reminded me to slow down and just be present to my breakfast.

As I began scrambling my eggs I noticed my mind wandering to my To Do list.  Then it would move to my body and the slight unease in my stomach.  My mind started moving into story about not having time to be sick, did I take the right herbs, blah, blah, blah.

I brought my attention back to cooking my eggs, preparing my Seedsation bread/toast and being present to it all. I noticed the little herbs in the feta cheese-olives combo from Central Market.

As I began to eat, my mind became scrambled again.  “I need to get this done and check that email.”

Then, I paused, took a breath, took a bite, savored the flavored.  Delighting in how the feta and olive mixture truly dazzled my dish.

I slowed down instead of eating quickly although mindful of my time as I need to head to school.

Being present to my eggs and toast amplified the flavor. I settled into the groove of it all.

Mindful Eating is another favorite exercise I do at the school.  Especially with 5th graders where I bring in organic, gourmet Jellies, Jams and Curds from The Jelly Queens with a variety of crackers.  We are able to notice the subtle flavors, those little pops of something fantastic at the end that we would have bypassed had we kept talking through the process.

Thank you for the reminder to be present to my daily activities.  Today was delicious.

~ Veronica


May all beings be happy ♡