See Yourself in the Middle

“We don’t want to grab it too tightly nor be too loose.”Relaxation and energy,  posture and interest, tranquility and alertness all are ways of expressing the active in between.

I love this talk by Sharon.

My own experience lately is that if I can begin well, concentrate on the rising and falling of the breath, and really get my spine straight, the posture will begin to hold itself while the mind then is free to roam.

I don’t want the mind to roam too much, but with some insight I can still be aware that the body is in meditation while I can watch the activity of the mind. While I feel that the posture is holding, I don’t worry so much that the mind is doing its thing.

When I feel agitated or worried that the mind is running too wild, I walk myself back to sensation of the body and notice the posture, the attention it seems to have all on its own. I remember the rising and falling, and say it gently to myself. In between the rising and falling, I notice the sensation of the sitting …. somehow, given the proper q’s, the body knows and remembers what to do.

Miraculous. At least one of us does!



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