Something I am working on is self-love. Day 5 was a great way to bring my focus to this intention during meditation. I realized that I do not speak kindly to myself. When I begin to daydream my inner voice scolds myself and becomes frustrated. This is definitely something I want to continue to work on.

The meditation method from Day 2 the focus on sound continues to be the most effective and peaceful method for me so far. Day 4 breathe in… one… breathe in… two… felt okay. I still find the focus on the breathe to feel suffocating sometimes. The tightness in my chest is uncomfortable. I will continue to breathe into this and explore it.

I missed day 3 and would like to try this one tonight. I have utilized “noting” in meditation before and find it to be a helpful tool. I am curious to see how Sharon teaches it.

Ice delay today. Happy to have my time this morning to start my day right 🙂

May all beings be happy ♡