Setting the Intention. Joining a Community.

For the last couple of years, I’ve more or less had a consistent routine: wake up around 5:30am, meditate for 15 minutes, write in my journal, go to work. Repeat.

Now, though: a new schedule. More flexibility. Softer waking times. An often self-directed timeline.

And my meditation routine? It has fallen by the wayside.

I still think about meditating (and oh, let’s not even get started about the irony contained within that statement).

I’ll be making my morning coffee and glance over at my cushion, telling myself I’ll do it later. I’ll be in the yoga studio doing downward dog and realize that I should sit later. I’ll be poring over a painting and get the impulse to do it. Right after I finish these last few brushstrokes…

But I don’t.

I joined this community because that is precisely what I need to get my meditation practice up and running again: community.

Sitting alone has its benefits, but right now, community outweighs those.

It starts with setting the intention. Then joining others in a powerful cohort of commitment.

I look forward to working with one of the best teachers I know, and with what promises to be an incredible group of dedicated practitioners.

See you on the cushion!

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