Settle Back: On Changing Emotions and Metta for Sharon

“Settle back,” Sharon says. Settling back into the body, the breath — a window opens, letting in light and fresh air. By experiencing emotional and psychological states in my body, I can let my stories go temporarily, as advised in this meditation.

While I am a big fan of the power of storytelling and listening, I see and feel that this other side of self awareness is also essential. Freeing myself from narratives and roles, I can exist in my wordless body experiences. I can remember and experience the sensations of being angry during an argument and of being pleased to see the birds finding the seed I left in the snow. I can become more present in the universe of my chest, filled with infinite stars.

I also want to send love and metta to Sharon in her time of recovery from a medical difficulty. She has had my back for years, offering guideposts back to myself and my breath and gently reminding me of the possibility of self-love. May you have rest and may you be well.

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