“When you are sick, you should be sick buddha.”

Sharon Salzberg_HandsWhen it is cold, you should be cold buddha. When you are sick, you should be sick buddha. That’s all. No secret. 

Is a quote from the SF Zen Center I saw in my #virtualsangha twitter feed.  It made me laugh to remember it while sitting this week.  I had a sudden serious fever which seemed to come out of nowhere.  But, I rose early and resolved to sit no matter what.  Well, I just went from horizontal to vertical in the bed and tucked the pillow that was just under my head under my bum.  Poof.  Meditating.  But the thing was that I was in so much pain. And then I remembered the mindfulness work of focusing on sensation.  And so I calmly let my attention run to this joint and that joint and the prickly skin and all of it.  I allowed my attention to gently rest on and notice local sensation.  Then I allowed my attention to expand to a more global sensation. And I felt distance growing.  A smile came to me.  And I remembered to gently cradle the discomfort and allow it to be.  And remember that it was mine.  And that this was what my practice was today.

Sharon wrote: ” mindfulness of the body … is a sensitivity and groundedness we can bring into our everyday lives.” in her “Week 2” blog.  This is real.  The morning is real. The sitting is real.  The pain is real.  All of it is passing. And mindfulness creates space and balance for all of it.  Really.  “That’s all.  No secret.”