silence and more

Sit 9:30 till about 9:50

Sometimes the process of the “sit” gets too involved. Making time to listen to Sharon’s post.  Making time and space to sit, preferably without interruption from wandering, wondering family, fitting it in before or after breakfast work or errands, and moving cars.

I have spoken to the value of having someone else in the driver’s seat, but sometimes it is good to just Sit.  The mindfulness lessons were good nudges, reminders and guidance, but afterwards, today I mantra’d and sat. And silence was good.  The stuff before, the making time, the coffee, the breakfast, Sharon’s lesson, settled and gelled.

Just sat.  Silent. Let be.

And with the silence absorption and some clarity of the experience of listening and being part of more.

To carry with me, off the cushion.


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