Silent Sounds and Misophonia

This sound meditation was profound for me.
I was listening to Sharon’s voice explaining sound as an object of meditation and anticipating: “this will be great, she’s got my full attention and I can’t wait to see what unusual sounds she’ll have.”
Then I realized she wasn’t going to be adding any sounds and “the sounds” were the ones already there — the ones I was ignoring in my real-time life.  I notice my husband cracking an egg in the kitchen, dropping it into the hot skillet, the slight breeze creaking the long wooden frames of the living room windows in our vintage condo and the gentle hum of the humidifier next to me. As directed, I let the sensory information pass thru me, noticing but not attaching.

The exercise pulled me out my mind into my hearing sense.

Shortly, my mind pulled me back in by pointing out this exercise might help my struggle with misophonia. That’s the random yet almost debilitating reaction I have to someone crunching food or smacking their lips.  It can drive me crazy. Not always but often enough.

I see now how I cling to these sounds in wanting them to stop. I am riveted to them. This meditation, may be a valuable tool to feel less vulnerable in these triggering situations.
Thanks for this meditation and for reading and sharing.

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