Sit Struggle

Day 7  Sit time from about 8 until about 8:15  AM

Day 8   Sit Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Day 9 Sit time from 7:15ish until about 7:30 AM

Perspective of walking away sometimes is a good thing. But, it was not deliberate, not exactly. It was emotional rebelliousness.  It was working through the internal anxiety of not being good enough  – and struggling and struggling – of course, the third Noble Truth is key – I can stop the struggle… I should have sat when I didn’t.

Sunday, I sat.  And then I had a second sit. (does that make up for yesterday – no not really)  You might know this if you have looked at my profile, part of how I describe myself is as a JewBuUU which stands for Jewish, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist.  So, I attended services Sunday at one of my local UU congregations, where, between the offertory and the homily, we were guided through a loving kindness practice. It was lovely and reminded me to be both be kind to myself and the world.

May you all be comfortable, may you all be safe, may you all be at ease.

In Peace,


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May all beings be happy ♡