Skiing Sheep

This ‘counting meditation’ struck me as very similar to yesterday’s method, but with a notable difference. Instead of a verbal cue, a numerical indicator was used. I see a pattern developing with these different methods of meditation that ties into learning styles. 

I am not a professional educator or schooled in the field of psychology. I will not compare/comment on different learning models or start a debate on the legitimacy of theories. However, I’ve spent some years as a ski instructor. When I was flexible and used different approaches when teaching a skill or technique, my lessons were met with success.

I found that some students learned better by analyzing a detailed explanation of mechanics, some needed to see a demonstration, others had to physically feel the dynamics and energy of the form and movement. Additionally, some students sought private lessons, while others flourished in the camaraderie of a group.

As I participated in the meditation today, I became slightly anxious as I wondered if I would reach ‘the goal of’ 10 breaths (despite guidance to just allow it to support awareness) and began to think of it as a sophisticated way to *count sheep.* As I now key into the concept of learning styles… I get it, I am not a mathematical learner, my strength is spatial/visual. I will consider this meditation a good focus for my son, who loves the structure and order that numbers provide.

Regardless, it is a joy to meditate.


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