Sounds & Noting

It was 6 a.m. dark. I had no idea there was so much sound going on around me though I am usually up at this time.

There was barely a breath in between one sound and the next. I was startled. The far off din of a highway, the crack of the radiator, a car starting up, someone walking, an airplane … but all barely audible, EXCEPT when I was paying attention! What else a I missing when I go about not attending.

And then the next morning, the noting. I used noting to help me meditate while in my room at Garrison Institute.

My usual method is watching my breath and in my quiet home ALL (!) I have to wrestle is the million thoughts raising their pesky little hands saying “pick me, pick me”. Here there were convos, and feet, and so on. So I breathe, hear the sounds, note “feet” and back to breath. So I had to settle into the to & fro of breathe,note, breathe as the way it was going to be today.

There was no quiet….but…there was peace.

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May all beings be happy ♡