Hello Everyone! I’m happy to be with you again this year.

Concentration. This morning I found that as I was practicing concentration I could feel my desire for insight growing.  I’d thought that once concentration was developed, then one was stable enough to move toward insight. So I kept coming back to the breathing time and time again. Could I stay with it? This is a building block for steps to follow. Finally, I gave up the desire for insight, and in that moment spaciousness happened. What do I mean? Literally a feeling of lots of room and an objective perception of more space. And then my breathing changed, became less held, or taught, or restrained. I realized later in the day that this experience of spaciousness was a kind of insight. So it isn’t simply that this all works in a linear fashion, but that as one stays with the concentration, or the breath, or the moment, other things begin to arise which can be seen as insight. As we know these are not intellectual events, but intuitive events, suspicions to be tested and let go. The moment I gave up the desire for the next moment, there was room for me to be there.

Grateful for this community.