States of Being


I recently bought a mood ring for our nine year old nephew.  I tried a lot of the rings on while deciding which one to buy.  I slipped each one on and waited for the verdict.  All of them reported that I was “happy”.  Really?  Because I knew I had fallen off the mindfulness train a few times and it was only noon.

Yet, ring after ring I watched the dark colors swirl to become blue.  Just like day after day in this month of intentional mindfulness practice I slip into these lessons and learn how to be happy even as I have moments of suffering and pain.  All the feelings can live side by side anchored in breath and spaciousness.

Recognizing the freedom and space in me opens me to that space for others to be more than the one thing I often assign to them.  Which is a more complicated way to see humans in the world and, ultimately, way more fun.

May all beings be happy ♡