Still here.

I’m overthinking this post. I want what I say to be true, so I’ve scoured through posts seeing what others have said. I’ve attempted to complete this month’s challenge several times in the past. Life happens, laziness happens, and poof the month is gone before I know it and the opportunity to practice with this online community as well.

None of this is new to me. I took Refuge in 2010 and practiced regularly with a Tibetan community. I cherish the classical training I had in that setting. But, brain surgery (2014) and spine surgery (2018), along with the normal ups and downs of life distanced me from these strict practices. Or, I should say, I felt distanced, out of touch, depressed, etc. The past month, not as part of a new year’s resolution, I’ve found myself entering my closed meditation room and beginning to practice. Rusty, but the Tibetan language and rituals returned. It’s like returning to the heart of things after life has stripped you bare. I am savoring this vulnerability and openness. Gone is what I should do and here now is only what I can do in this moment. I’m working up to daily practice, so these short practices are a gift. I’m excited to practice with this online community in this virtual space. Thank you for participating alongside me. __/|\__ Cheers.

May all beings be happy ♡