Stuck in Traffic ❤ Street Lovingkindness

We’ve all been there. Running late – on the way to the airport, rushing to pick up the kids, or trying to get to that meeting on time. But the inevitable happens: bumper to bumper traffic! ? What do you do? Take a breath with Sharon Salzberg and learn how to bring your meditation practice off the mat and onto the highway. This is the fourth video in Sharon’s Street Lovingkindness Video Series.

Sharon’s STREET LOVINGKINDNESS VIDEO SERIES explores new ways to interact with the world around you by expanding your circle of kindness. Sharon takes the formal meditation practice of Lovingkindness (also known as Metta) off the cushion and into the real world to discover deeper connections and joy right where you are. Want more #StreetLovingkindness in your life? Watch the other videos in the series HERE.

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