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Breathing by numbers or colors?

I found that this method of meditating was good, though i think i prefer using words for the out breath rather than numbers. I like to use groups of words such as saying colours on the out breath, or countries, Read More

Adding love to my in breath

What words did i add to my in and out breath? Well, i decided to add Love to my IN breath and i added what i want love to replace to my OUT breath, words such as despair and overwhelmed.  Read More

Curtains up!

Coming from showbiz, I know that there is a point where it’s time to just go. Walk on stage. Take the leap. This meditation challenge has me excited (and a wee bit nervous) to do just this – really commit Read More

This is the Practice

I am just winding down my Drynuary (a popular time in American culture for folks to choose to abstain from alcohol, or perhaps gluten, sugar, meat, Netflix binges–a bit of a secular Lent, if you will). Of course, as in Read More

Shepherding my attention

The image of a shepherd for my attention is a beautiful and very useful one. Shepherding takes patience, practice, experience, wisdom, humour, and the acceptance that despite all the best intentions in the world, you’ll still lose a few sheep. Read More

Fresh Start

Every day affords us a fresh start. The month of February gives us the opportunity to start a new practice or provide more discipline to an existing one. The Real Happiness Challenge is a 28-day exploration of the tools of meditation Read More

#RealHappiness Here I Come!

Hi everybody! My name is Tara and this will be my 3rd February that I #Commit2Sit and take the #RealHappiness challenge but it will be my first time blogging about it.  (Actually it will be my first time blogging.  Period.). Read More

May all beings be happy ♡