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Mindfulness Challenge and Travel

I am continuing this challenge as I travel. This has been a wonderful opportunity of practice in a shared space with someone that doesn’t practice. While practicing one day, I believe it was day 9, the neighbors were particularly loud. Read More

Ending and Beginning

This first week of the Sharon Salzberg 28 Day meditation challenge has been an journey of personal confirmation. This week marked the end of year two and beginning of year three without the Sun and Moon shining in my life. Read More

Smashing the Wagon

It is so interesting to think about “falling off the wagon” when it comes to meditation. I did meditate yesterday, but I didn’t do the “official” meditation of this challenge. Listened to Day 6 and Day 7 this morning and Read More

Competing for attention

My busy mind is constantly capturing thoughts and following them, investigating them, proving or disproving them. Piggybacking on those thoughts are others, competing for attention. My mind and body have been begging for calm for as long as I can Read More


How do you turn around a day that starts with a negative intention? First off I know it’s crazy to think someone would purposely set a negative intention. What is in my mind is one of those days, such as Read More

Counting Helps Me Zone In- Day 4

Today was another good day.  I gave myself time and found a quiet space to sit and meditate.  Counting the breath is also one of my favorite ways to enter into meditation! Sometimes if I’m really distracted at the beginning Read More

Fear and counting

Today was my first day of the practice where I have been in fear mode – a visceral reaction to life stuff. I started the meditation, got 3/4 of the way through and realized I hadn’t been listening at all. Read More

New skills or just recognizing old ones

Is “learning” meditation finding something new or the recognition of an inherent and ongoing process?  The connection with the now is a constant in times of happiness and also at that critical point in tragedy, acceptance. Slowing down, taking a Read More

1, 2, 3, 4…

Today’s counting the breath meditation technique is another that I will absolutely try to incorporate into my practice. I’ve felt most comfortable with guided meditations for the last few years as they tend to help me keep my focus and Read More

Day 4: Letting the Breath Lead the Way

Little Miss-Multitasker loved today’s meditation challenge.  Counting breaths!  I can do that!  I can breathe and count! It was working beautifully.  In…one…in…two…in…three all the way to ten and back to one again. And then – somewhere around in…seven, the thought Read More

May all beings be happy ♡