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Day 18: Meditation On Working With Thoughts

“We can remind ourselves that these [negative thought patterns] are just visiting, they’re not essentially who we are.” For me, that is the crux of this meditation.  Thoughts may become things but we are not essentially our negative thought patterns. Read More

Day Thirteen to Day Sixteen

So, it has been a few days of sitting and not blogging. A few days of listening to Sharon and contemplating the ideas she shares so briefly and profoundly. A few days of struggling to stay positive and kind to Read More

Real Happiness – Day Fourteen

Hello again, One of the greatest gifts of meditation is that we develop the habit of stabilizing our ability to be in the present moment and have the opportunity to bring more awareness to our every day interactions. This week’s Read More

Food Focused

Yes, today was Day 12. Focusing in a meditative manner on food. Hmm. Well, that was interesting. I ate slowly and observed myself in motion. It was very difficult to slow down when eating. Especially when I was eating a Read More

#RealHappiness Day 12

What a wonderful day for an eating meditation.  I have an unexpected house guest from China.  Today was cooking lesson day with a new wok.  Of course the wok had to be seasoned – so already the smells of cooking Read More

Yes, I Scan

So, I would be lying if I said the past couple of days have been easy. I have been challenged with stressful news and I think the meditation has helped me cope. But truly it has been difficult to commit. Read More

Sunday Feels Like…

Today was about continuing the journey into sensations. How does the body feel? Focus on your hands. Right now. What does it feel like? What do they feel like? So, I sit down in a different chair in my home. Read More

Sensational, Baby

So, today’s practice was short-lived. Sharon wanted us to pay attention to the sensations in the body as we walked or moved. To ground awareness in the actual feet and not in the head looking down at the feet. So Read More