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JCC Manhattan SPIRITUALISM & ACTIVISM with Kyodo Williams

JCC Mahanttan

Bridging the world of spirit and activism, Rev angel Kyodo williams and Sharon Salzberg will explore love of self and love of others and the social transformations they move us towards.



Through dialogue, reflection and meditation practice, together we will look at questions like: What is the difference between loving yourself and narcissistic preoccupation?  How do racism and privilege prevent our collective awakening? How can each one of us affect the shortcomings not only of our own minds but also of our communities? If you believe that social transformation and personal, spiritual liberation are inextricably linked, these kinds of questions form the frontier of that linkage. This program is co-sponsored by the Garrison Institute and the Community Meditation Center of New York (CMC).

Photo by studiokanu via Flickr

Cool Revolution: Transforming Anger

What if we had the kind of society in which if we saw someone abusing or harming someone else. Wouldn’t we be totally committed to making sure they stopped, as well as to protecting the vulnerable and understanding how the Read More