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2015 Word Cloud

It has been wonderful to sit with everyone for another year of the Real Happiness Challenge. Thank you all for your honest posts and for your willingness to explore so boldly! Here is a word cloud from our collective posts Read More



Days like today remind me how grateful I am for Metta and how it helps me frame and hold my experiences. Today was a lot of physical pain and discomfort for me, so I metta-ed and then rested, slept and Read More

Settling into Neutral

It’s been a full week. I have been thinking about how often I feel busy, and have been wondering how to make some changes there. As I have rolled it around in my mind, I have begun to wonder if I Read More

In the gathering-in of things

It’s been hit or miss this week. Mais ou menos, more or less. When I think about my practice, I often go straight for the book-learning. I’m so good at it. With my academic bent and inclination for structure—and my Read More