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Persistence and Optimism

Today is the first day of the Real Happiness Meditation Challenge. I am using the challenge and this blog as a way to hold myself accountable to meditating consistently for the month. I committed to building a meditation practice in Read More

Confident Fear

Fear is made up of many emotions. One that seems to play a large role for me is my level of confidence. Take for example, skiing (I went today with my family, so this is fresh in my mind). When I am Read More

What is Dana Ethan Nichtern

Thank You + The Practice of Dana

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank everyone who has donated  to the Real Happiness Challenge this month. Your contributions made it possible for us to offer this month of practice along with it’s support team and the Read More

Each breath stands alone

Sit today :  6:55 until about 7:20. AM With today’s sit, I was reminded of how, when I lead a meditation I strive for positive terminology and avoid language that turns the listener’s head to consider something they are doing Read More


every day

i woke up this morning and thought: i donʻt want to sit meditation today i do want to sit meditation today not a new internal debate itʻs the same every day and every day i make a decision science would Read More