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Day 18- Thought Loop

I appreciate Sharon’s insight that we don’t plan to have negative thoughts. As a psychologist, and fellow human, I know that while we may not intentionally plan to think maladaptively, we are often so entrenched in thinking habits that we Read More

Day 15- Noting

I like that this exercise calls on us to practice being gentle with ourselves in how we speak. While its something we want to practice in our daily lives, creating a reflective, yet loving tone in our responses is more Read More

Day 10- Body Scan

I love this exercise. Particularly for dealing with pain, the body scan provides us with permission to notice what is hurting without judgment. With pain, it is tempting for the mind to search for reasons for the pain and solutions Read More

Day 9- Mindfulness of Sensation

I have found the meditation on sensation to be intriguing as it can provide us with a wealth of information on where we are emotionally and how we relate to emotional and physical pain. It can be challenging to stick Read More

Day 8- Simply Not the breath!

What if we could drop the judgment, observe, note and let go? One of my favorite variations on noting techniques in meditation is to  say “now” or “not now” or “breath not breath.” I have found that we can let Read More