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Last day

I fell asleep before I could post yesterday. I feel so relaxed that I just dozed off. I am so proud of my self for completing all 28 meditations. I am going to do them again in March so I Read More

How does it feel

In today’s meditation I looked back on a time where I felt anxious this week. I used Sharon’s tricks to focus on why I was truly anxious and how I can improve it

All creatures great and small

Today’s meditation felt a little odd to me. I have never really felt certain completing the lovingkindness meditations. I am never sure what I should be feeling. Should it be like a great connection to something? I know that I Read More

Spread the love

I enjoy this meditation because I feel that I can share positivity and love. I love the technique that Sharon share in this one.    

Huddle up

I didn’t really connect with the visuals that Sharon was using today. I found it hard to picture myself in the middle of the circle. I hope I am able to do better  tomorrow

Think loving thoughts

I was not able to walk outside for today’s meditation. I had to practice a little loving kindness from my own bedroom. I kept my brother-in-law in my mind as I said my phrases because he is going to hard Read More

#RealHappiness Day 23

I’m a little behind again.  Life… I’m trying to be kind and gentle with myself for missing these meditations, but it’s a challenge. Today’s meditation tip really speaks to me.  I get frustrated with all the us/them in the news.  Read More

Focus on the good

This meditation made me think about how often I focus is on bad things are going on around me even during meditation.  It makes me frustrated about why I cannot seem to get it right. I definitely need to take Read More

#RealHappiness Day 22

Today’s lesson focused on looking inward and seeing the good.  How much easier is it for us to see our faults? Our supposed inadequacies?  Instead of that, today Sharon asks that we look at one good thing in ourselves.  This Read More

Running behind

I quickly complete this meditation. I was able to focus on my breath and feel super relaxed