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Sending Compassion to Anger and Pain

Feeling the pain that lies inside the difficult emotion of anger opens up the experience. I think anger is feared and judged in many cultures, and it is natural for many of us to have internalized those reactions. For me, Read More

Day 7 and an itchy ear 👂 ✨

The weeks focus was concentration.  I reacquainted myself with the word on day one and have carried its definition with me all week.  It’s simple but not easy: exclusive attention to one object. On today’s meditation this concept is very Read More

Relaxing at Work

I ended up having to do today’s mediation at work before everyone got here.  I wasn’t sure how it would go.  It was better than expected.  I used my headphones, and did find that I was able to relax and Read More

Begin, Begin, Begin Again : Day 5

After this meditation, I think of how a kind voice lends space suggests forgiveness does not claim superiority. The heart trying to make a kind voice deserves gentleness, open-mindedness and acceptance of imperfection, too. Overlapping ripples of being open, listening Read More

Something clicked today!

NOW I get it.  Now I understand what Sharon means by showing loving kindness to yourself.  Even last night, my mind would not shut off as I went to bed.  I tried to use the counting meditation from last night Read More

Breath Counting

I found I could really focus using this technique.  Each of us is different and what works for me might not work for you, and vice verse.  This Challenge will walk you through various forms of meditation techniques that you Read More

Mental Noting

I found this very helpful to keep me focused.  I’ve been having issues with my asthma lately.  Finding and then using the word “Healing” as I breathed helped.  I even think it quieted the morning congestion a little bit too.  Read More

Day 1: Welcome Home

So nice to hear that familiar voice! Thank you Sharon for this gentle introduction into breath awareness and concentration. Having read, listened to and appreciated Sharon’s words and works for many years now, I feel a grounding call whenever she Read More

May all beings be happy ♡