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Day11 – walking part two

I didn’t completely connect with today’s walking meditation. The first walking meditation did resonate with me. But today’s session just felt aimless and I found it hard to focus on sensations of movement. I might try it again later when Read More

Day10: body scan

Well, I didn’t fall asleep! Being horizontal on the ground for me these days usually means nap time. But today, during the meditation I tried to feel my body. My mind did wander as it usually does but I was Read More

Day9 – new sensation

During today’s meditation I felt the warmth of my hands and then the warmth of my entire body. I felt the tingling of touch. I focused on feeling the sensation instead of questioning it. Doing this type of meditation of Read More

#RealHappiness Day 9

I try not to read ahead and see what the next day’s topic is going to be.  When today’s meditation started and Sharon had us focus on our hands, I had to smile – I have RA and my hands Read More

Minding the silence

Sitting in complete silence for a long period makes me nervous. In today’s meditation, something very interesting happened. When I turned my attention to my hands, they felt cold. As I continued to sit with the sensation in silence, my Read More

#RealHappiness Day 8

Today is the first walking meditation.  The first time I attempted a walking meditation, I thought I was going to lose my balance, the group was walking very slowly. What I like about this type of meditation is that it Read More

Not Breath

Day 8: I’ve listened to the day 7 meditation several times. Dividing the world into “breath” and “not breath” is such a basic task and yet so challenging. Today’s focus on moving meditation, is a little harder since moving is Read More

Day8 – one step at a time

I wonder how many other people were slowing walking around their kitchens this morning at 6am? That was one of the thoughts I had during today’s meditation. This is the week I generally struggle with the meditation challenge because they Read More