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#RealHappiness Day 28

The final day – is it the end or a beginning? Sharon points out that this is a great opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our practice, but to be realistic about our practice and make a reasonable commitment. A regular Read More

#RealHappiness Day 27

Compassion.  Reframing behaviors & actions to pain and recognizing that others may be in pain and acting out.  Reframing bad/wrong into states of suffering gives me a different lens to view the world.  It reminds me that everyone has something Read More

I’ve often found metta, loving kindness mediation, difficult because it feels stilted.  I have recognized that it has opened my awareness to the places that I find constriction and judgment … and then I work with those places.  I feel Read More

Feeling into Your Body

Hello, Real Happiness community! Today’s meditation felt good for me. How did it feel for you? It made me wonder, though how many of us struggled with this short body scan meditation? It’s funny how impatient you can feel even Read More

The Way We Speak to Ourselves

Hello, Real Happiness community! So, how was your 5th day with this challenge? I think Sharon brought up an incredibly helpful suggestion in today’s teaching when she asked us to consider how we speak to ourselves when we find our Read More

Day 5: How Do I Speak to Myself

I love this meditation.  I bet if you polled my friends they would tell you that I am basically a kind person.  Yet frequently, I am unkind to myself.  I nag myself constantly, I perceive myself as lazy, a professional Read More

Day 5: The Magic Moment

Kindness toward self will allow me to radiate it outward. The magic moment is the seed of compassion–and I have many, many (infinite!) opportunities to practice letting go and beginning again with gentleness, with love.

Day 4: Counting

Counting during breath meditation is a very effective method for staying in the present. When starting out on a path of meditation, it can be very helpful to count breaths from one to ten and then starting back at one. Read More

#RealHappinessChallenge Day 27

It’s the next to the last day of the challenge.  Today’s lesson focuses on compassion and how we can reframe our difficult emotions from bad or wrong to painful or suffering.  The next step after the reframing is focusing on Read More

Compassion and Seeing the largest picture

I’m surprised that through meditation practice I’m beginning to see the largest picture of things happening around me. It reminds me of the teaching this month, “Mindfulness helps us get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening & the Read More