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Day 16 – Noticing the Positive

This was perfectly timed. This morning, I was lost in unpleasant thoughts and feelings, even as I can intellectually say nothing is “wrong” (well, nothing major). To my surprise, I had to search for something that really made me smile Read More

Day 5: Magic Moment

I skipper a beat or two. I don’t think I did Day 4, and I’m doing Day 5 a day late. In a way, this is perfect. First, it’s typical for me; I struggle to be consistent when I commit Read More

Calm and tranquility.

The call of meditation, for me, is a call for calm. I’ve always been anxious, outgoing, a thinker, a leader, an idea generator, restless… In the hunt for balance, in listening to my thoughts and understanding my emotions, I long Read More

It’s the whole YUMMY Universe

In general I experience ups and downs in waves. The clarity, peace and love in subtle moving juxtaposition to fear, separation and shame. In today’s meditation I had micro movements of the wave until the yummy scrumptious ice cream Sunday Read More

Day 3: Breath with Mental Noting

It was clear what I would try today, once I’d settled into my admittedly floppy pose (there are pros and cons to meditating on a couch). I used the mental note of “in” and “out” for a minute, but then Read More

The Ocean

The beach is often the most peaceful place for me to be. The dampness of salt water sprinkling onto my skin, the smell of the sea life and the gentle sound of the waves crashing ashore. All of it a Read More

Day 1-3: Catching up on blogging

I’m excited to be joining this challenge and love reading others posts, especially those that talk about starting something and not always following through. I can so identify with that and have good intentions, but don’t always make the time. Read More

Day Two: Hearing Meditation

Our house is very quiet. My dad, my brother, and I live in a 55+ development outside a small town. My dad was eating, and my brother was watching a movie on his tablet, with headphones on, so the house Read More