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Photo by studiokanu via Flickr

Cool Revolution: Transforming Anger

What if we had the kind of society in which if we saw someone abusing or harming someone else. Wouldn’t we be totally committed to making sure they stopped, as well as to protecting the vulnerable and understanding how the Read More


2015 Word Cloud

It has been wonderful to sit with everyone for another year of the Real Happiness Challenge. Thank you all for your honest posts and for your willingness to explore so boldly! Here is a word cloud from our collective posts Read More

Audio Buddha by Cazimiera

Concentrated Audio LovingKindness

Had a really amazing shift in my lovingkindness & sitting practices. I’ve begun to use the guided audio meditations that are provided on the Real Happiness audio CD and I’m finding them quite supportive.  The addition of the guided meditations Read More

Quivering hearts

Sylvia Boorstein, in her book “Happiness is an Inside Job,” talks about being seated on an airplane, and just before takeoff a woman came and sat in the empty seat next to her. The woman explains that she hates takeoffs Read More