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Day 5: How Do I Speak to Myself

I love this meditation.  I bet if you polled my friends they would tell you that I am basically a kind person.  Yet frequently, I am unkind to myself.  I nag myself constantly, I perceive myself as lazy, a professional Read More

Day One

Truth.  Too excited to wait until I was actually up.  Savored the first day of the challenge under the covers, snuggled against the golden one, relishing the permission to do this for myself.  Breathing in. Breathing out.  Noticing the breath. Read More

Just Breathe…

Today’s practice was so important for me.  I appreciated getting back to the basics of focusing on my breath.  This practice allowed me to regain my attention to what was important right here and now and let distractions fall away Read More

Gift of Curiosity

The ability to point bare awareness on all my experiences, whether pleasant, unpleasant or neutral is a gift of curiosity. There is a great deal of freedom and ease in deconstructing what is happening in the moment without placing any Read More

Accentuate the Positive

As I was enjoying my morning coffee and gazing out the window, a mallard flew over the creek that runs behind the property where I live. He was followed by a graceful white crane. Wow! The joy that made my Read More

Counting the Breath – Some Stuff is Weird

The technique shared with us in today’s meditation was a bit different than what I was expecting. When I read the title “Counting the Breath,” I thought the count would be connected to the length of the inhalation and the Read More

Do you hear what I hear?

I have tinnitus.  When I first began meditating, the constant buzz in my ears (really in my head) drove me mad.  But then I began to use it as a vehicle for awareness and concentration (and compassion for myself–why me? Read More

Buzzing Cicadas

Acquiring better skill to manage my emotional reactivity and finding more balance in my day-to-day is what drew me to meditate. In the short while that I have practiced, I have felt the benefits of mindfulness, as I have been Read More

Just Breathe

As a busy graduate student, it is a relief to be able to take the time to just sit and just breathe.  Sitting in practice makes me aware of the ways in which I have been holding tension in my Read More