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I need some advice- Chronic pain

Body Mind Spirit I have been struggling and suffering from chronic pain for a long time…. I have worked on the spirit the mind but I struggle mostly with the body I have a hard time separating the pain I Read More

Bruce Jenner Photo Shopped Cover Pic by Mike Mozart

Trolling Bruce Jenner: Transferable Skills

One of the things Sharon mentions in her teachings & writings is that the skills learned in meditation practice are transferable. I didn’t understand what she meant till I started meditating daily & encountering people’s reactions to Bruce Jenner’s announcement Read More

Pasha and me just after a sit.

Make ‘Em Wait for a Better You

I keep saying my cat is my guru, kind of joking. Kind of not. Tonight, when I really thought about it, I was able to explain to myself why this is little saying, about this little furry guy in my life, Read More