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Day 18 – River of Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s easy to let go of thoughts, or just watch them float down the river. Those tend to be thoughts about things like the weather, or what errands I need to run. There aren’t too-too many thoughts that can Read More

Day 17 – Difficult Emotions

This comes at the perfect time. Yesterday, I was feeling “meh,” which was my default state for decades, even during the 22 years I took a variety of antidepressants. Then I suddenly realized that “meh” is part of the human Read More

Fundamental Change

It is hard, almost impossible for me to extend lovingkindness to beings who wish to extinguish life. But then is this category too broad? After all I am not a vegetarian… maybe I should become one? Should this category then only Read More

Already Adaptive

Antagonism and heat. This was my reaction towards a negative situation involving a total stranger. Today’s ‘lovingkindness towards others’ meditation could not have come at a better time. The very moment I sat down to take a bite of my Read More