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Looking forward

I will be on a 7 day personal retreat for part of February, so I will miss a few days. I hope to return with renewed insight and juicy substance to share. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to connect Read More

Naropa University DAYLONG Workshop

Naropa UniversityNaropa University’s School of Extended Studies welcomes Sharon Salzberg for a daylong workshop exploring varies facets of Buddhist practice in everyday life: Empathy and Compassion, Equanimity and Resilience. Both sessions will involve a short practice period, a lecture and Q&A


Empathy and Compassion – 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Though we often use empathy and compassion to mean the same thing, a careful look reveals empathy, the felt sense of what someone else may be experiencing, to be a necessary but not sufficient condition  for compassion to arise. The difference between the two forms the way to being able to care about and connect to others while also avoiding burnout and overwhelm.

12:30-2:00 p.m: Lunch on your own

Equanimity & Resilience – 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Equanimity can be described as balance, a spacious stillness that allows us to accept things as they are, avoiding apathy and indifference on the one hand and driven reactivity on the other. When true equanimity is present, it is the ground out of which resilience is strengthened and sustained transformation can occur. The nourishing agent for equanimity is wisdom.

Universal Radiance

A particular aspect of today’s, ‘interconnectedness’ meditation truly resonated with me. Sharon spoke about looking at a tree and seeing it as a “single solid entity.” Viewing in such a way allows me to enjoy its restorative beauty. She then offered Read More

Already Adaptive

Antagonism and heat. This was my reaction towards a negative situation involving a total stranger. Today’s ‘lovingkindness towards others’ meditation could not have come at a better time. The very moment I sat down to take a bite of my Read More

Curious Anger

I get angry when I get angry. Not really, I am not such a hothead. However, I can express it poorly. For today’s meditation on ‘changing emotions,’ curiosity caused me to deconstruct this unpleasant and fiery emotion. By noticing in this manner, I Read More

Frozen Thoughts

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight… Oh, I know… so original! As I practiced today’s meditation on ‘working with thoughts’, the ballad, ‘Let It Go’, was Frozen in my mind. (pun intended) Although the empowering message of this song Read More


4th Street Yoga logo

Sharon returns to Berkley, CA for an evening talk EXPLORING EQUANIMITY at 4th Street Yoga!


In this evening, we will explore the practice of upekkha, usually translated from Pali, the language of the original Buddhist texts, as equanimity. Equanimity can be described as a balance of the mind, a spacious stillness that allows us to accept things as they are, avoiding apathy and indifference on the one hand and driven reactivity on the other. The opening of mind that equanimity brings is the basis for the emergence of qualities such as kindheartedness and generosity. Teaching on equanimity is traditionally offered with practices that enrich compassion, lovingkindness and joy in the happiness of others. Together, these practices lead to the development of concentration, fearlessness, happiness and a greater ability to love. As Sharon introduces us to these teachings, she will support our own experience of practice through direct instruction and guided meditations. The evening is suitable for both new and experienced meditators.

Accentuate the Positive

As I was enjoying my morning coffee and gazing out the window, a mallard flew over the creek that runs behind the property where I live. He was followed by a graceful white crane. Wow! The joy that made my Read More

Grounding Flight

This is not a story about airplane phobia. I love to fly. The promise of adventures in lands far or near is a lure I cannot resist. Once on the plane, I can relax. The fun has officially begun. Well Read More