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In de Beginning…

This post/blog is going to be interesting reflections from my mum, Kerrie. Just in brief, this is Kerrie’s first time meditating and trying this practice in her 50+ years of life, so I hope that this is helpful for other’s Read More

Day 15 – So Many Thoughts and Feelings

My thoughts are pretty predictable. When I did today’s meditation, my thoughts alternated between focusing on a client and his response to my editorial feedback, and thoughts of my ex, with anger, sadness, and longing arising (depending on which thoughts Read More

Thank you.

Like a baby bird leaving the nest, the time has come to take on a more independent practice. This has been a remarkable experience and journey. From the bottom of my heart, my gratitude goes out to the generous team Read More

Buttered Salt

My son’s wide-eyed, “but I want you there” statement guilted me into altering my schedule yesterday so that I could attend his classroom Valentine’s Day party. I am not the most spirited joiner and I usually meet these commitments with Read More