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Optical Instruments

As a photographer, I use a camera to capture fleeting moments. During this morning’s reflective ‘landscape of experience’ meditation, I noticed that mindfulness shares some similar qualities. In today’s age of the ubiquitous ‘iPhone,’ photography can become a mindless activity detracting Read More

Week 1 – Sitting with Discomfort

When I first tried meditating several years ago, I remember struggling between trying to still my body and my mind.  At first, I found it incredibly difficult and physically uncomfortable to sit still, which was then followed by my many thoughts,  “My knee really hurts . . Read More

It IS Just a Breath

I have always struggled with feeling like I deserve time to myself. I am a mom of 3, and while they are all almost grown now, I still find myself with the need to justify giving 5 minutes a day Read More

Prema Yoga REAL LOVE Workshop


Sharon returns to Brooklyn to Prema Yoga for a Tuesday evening workshop on Real Love.

Fundamentally, there is only one kind of love– real love – trying to come more fully alive in us despite our limiting assumptions, the distortions of our culture, our sense of unworthiness,  and the habits of fear, self-condemnation and isolation we tend to acquire just by living a life.  Real love can manifest towards ourselves, towards another, towards all beings, and towards life itself. This workshop will explore the role of mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation practices in nurturing our capacity for real love. It will include a talk, practice periods, and Q&A. Suitable for new and experienced meditators.





2015 Word Cloud

It has been wonderful to sit with everyone for another year of the Real Happiness Challenge. Thank you all for your honest posts and for your willingness to explore so boldly! Here is a word cloud from our collective posts Read More