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I am truly enjoying participating in this 28 day sitting.  I enjoy the company, the blogs, the support, the compassion, the senses of humor.  And the rigor.  People are doing it and recording real progress (if “progress” is a word Read More


the alter of the heart

just as i organize my body for todays seated mediation i notice my alter. oh this buddha means so much to me it sat in the corner of the yoga studio i started in vermont many moons ago. oh the Read More



Days like today remind me how grateful I am for Metta and how it helps me frame and hold my experiences. Today was a lot of physical pain and discomfort for me, so I metta-ed and then rested, slept and Read More

It Gets Better by Tamara Craiu

Concentration Game: It Gets Better

As I’ve made space to meditate daily in the past month leading up to & during the Real Happiness challenge it’s begun a chain reaction of change.  Nothing dramatic or worth spending to many words on but I’m beginning to Read More

28 Day Challenge aspen leaf pub dom

The Observation That Changed Everything

“Thoughts first show up in my body at the little muscles around my eyes and mouth.” Years ago, I attended a meditation led by Pat Coffey at Charlottesville’s Insight Meditation community. He mentioned that while on a three-month retreat he’d Read More

David Gabriel Fischer

Read, Sit & Write: Racing Concentration

Sitting. Meditating. Breathing. Watching the mobile device. Sitting. Sitting. Watching the breath. Sitting. Watching my Concentration. Breathing. Making lists in my head of blog titles. Sitting. Waiting for timer. Breathing. Sitting. Itching. Listening. Breathing some more, now write. Why do Read More

Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation

A Complete Correspondence Course Buy on SoundsTrue Buy on Amazon When you seek to live a spiritual life, what matters most is not what you know, but the actions you take. How do you best embody the spiritual principles that Read More


Insight Meditation

An In-Depth Course on How to Meditate Personal meditation instruction in a 12-week interactive course. Buy on SoundsTrue Over its 33-year history, the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts, has become a spiritual home to thousands and is now Read More