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Sibley Memorial Hospital Seminar

An educational seminar sponsored by the Sibley Senior Association
How to Break the Anger Habit with Sharon Salzberg

Sharon SalzbergThe latest science backs up the efficacy of inner peace and happiness in our lives. And inner peace and happiness go hand in hand with calm, balance, compassion and better physical health—all benefits of meditation. But how do you navigate a path to a genuine feeling of peace and self-acceptance if you are confused about how to deal with anger—toward certain people or circumstances in your life? From her years of the study of Buddhist philosophy, meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg, has learned that we must confront four kinds of enemies—outer, inner, secret and super-secret—we encounter in life. This seminar, based on her bestselling book, Love Your Enemies: How to Break the Anger Habit & Become a Whole Lot Happier, will teach participants how to identify those enemies and how to move past them. Learn practical tools and exercises to control anger, which include getting rid of “us” versus “them” thinking and ways to develop compassion, patience and love for others—and for ourselves.

To Register: Call 202-364-7602

Parking: A free parking voucher will be available at the reception table the afternoon of the event. This is for parking in the Sibley Medical Building parking garage only.

Registration: Cost of the seminar is $30. The seminar is open to all. Registration is required and will be closed when the limited capacity of the room is reached, so please register early.

Book Signing: If you own a book written by Ms. Salzberg, please bring it and she will sign it for you after the seminar.

Notes: Following Sharon’s session, Sibley’s Integrative Health team will be on hand to introduce massage and acupuncture.



Love Your Enemies

How to Break the Anger Habit & Be a Whole Lot Happier Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman Buy on Amazon In Love Your Enemies, Sharon Salzberg and Tenzin Robert Thurman draw on ancient spiritual wisdom, modern psychology, and the latest Read More