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Meditation as Life Lesson

I have a secret. I vape. It’s even worse. At the beginning of this year, my meditation teacher, Thu, asked me to quit smoking. So I did. For about 8 or 9 days. The beginning of this year was a Read More

Holding and Honoring the Breath

Meditating on the Breath: I place the breath forefront in my awareness; I feel it first, and I give myself permission to just breathe. I experience an inherent forgiveness in letting everything else go but the breath. There is a Read More

A word.

Today, Sharon’s soothing voice calls upon on “to see if you can feel just one breath…feel the breath from the beginning, the middle to the end. Maybe there’s a word.” and then, just like that, “Stomach” is the word that Read More

Day 2 – Protecting my inner child

I can see how this whole meditation challenge is another way for me to try to be a “good girl”. I remember as a child wanting to leave this life. I just remember telling my mum: “There’s been a mistake. Read More


Just. Breathe. Inhaling peace, exhaling love. And again. with gratitude to Sharon Salzberg, and her team. Take care, sSs

Day 17 – Difficult Emotions

This comes at the perfect time. Yesterday, I was feeling “meh,” which was my default state for decades, even during the 22 years I took a variety of antidepressants. Then I suddenly realized that “meh” is part of the human Read More

Adding love to my in breath

What words did i add to my in and out breath? Well, i decided to add Love to my IN breath and i added what i want love to replace to my OUT breath, words such as despair and overwhelmed.  Read More

Day 3: Breath with Mental Noting

It was clear what I would try today, once I’d settled into my admittedly floppy pose (there are pros and cons to meditating on a couch). I used the mental note of “in” and “out” for a minute, but then Read More

Just breathe

Since I was a young child, I’ve experienced “big feelings”. Even as a three-year-old, some of my earliest memories were intense worry. I didn’t learn the word anxiety until much later, but the experience has been with me my entire Read More

And So I Begin Again

I’m not new to this: to mediation, to mindfulness, or to being a student, but as I sat this morning on Day 1, it all felt brand new. The soft subtle body of my consciousness was waiting for me to Read More