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Inside and Out

So many simple phrases that mask the most complex of human experiences. One of them that came to mind, on this our last of the 28-day challenge was: “You can’t really love anyone else until you love yourself.” How many Read More

Walking Snow Yeti Sighting

Walking Meditation: Winds of Change

The past week has been bitterly cold but despite winter’s bone chilling embrace I am deeply enjoying layering my daily practice with the walking meditation Sharon suggests as apart of the second week of the online Real Happiness Challenge.  As Read More

The One You Feed

What we give our attention to can be the making of us, or the making of our destruction. Reading Sharon’s description of the parable of the two wolves, I wondered which wolf I’ve spent parts of my life feeding. As Read More

Pasha and me just after a sit.

Make ‘Em Wait for a Better You

I keep saying my cat is my guru, kind of joking. Kind of not. Tonight, when I really thought about it, I was able to explain to myself why this is little saying, about this little furry guy in my life, Read More