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#RealHappiness Day 21

Today’s practice felt like a review, we are focused back on the breath but this time we added a focus for our attention to other areas of the body.  An expanded review – how are we feeling right now in Read More

#RealHappinessChallenge Day 24 LovingKindness

“You can imagine yourself sitting in the center of a circle, the circle being made up of the most loving beings you’ve met” says @SharonSalzberg in this lesson.  Picturing yourself in the center of a circle of people who are Read More

Looking forward

I will be on a 7 day personal retreat for part of February, so I will miss a few days. I hope to return with renewed insight and juicy substance to share. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to connect Read More

I Know I’m not my thoughts but…

…boy do I ever get carried away by them. Curiously, this happens more often when thoughts arise around difficult/challenging circumstances; all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves’. Then the imagined scenarios build and soon I have completely left my practice. Read More

Illustration by Jason Lee

MINDFUL MAGAZINE Connect with Kindness

Originally Published by Mindful Magazine on July 22, 2015 It’s easy to feel separate from other people and forms of life. When experiencing the world dualistically, there’s a pervasive sense of “us” and “them,” or “self” and “other.” But no Read More